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www.beving.se - Beving Elektronik AB

Measuring in Orebro, Sweden
230V Wye, no current

PQube Information

Location:Beving Elektronik AB
PQube ID:www.beving.se
Note 1:Measuring in Orebro, Sweden
Note 2:230V Wye, no current
PQube Serial Number:P002120
Model Number:PQube 01-0000
Firmware Version:2.1.7 #2930

Power Configuration:Wye/Star
Nominal Line-to-Neutral Voltage:230V
Nominal Line-to-Line Voltage:398V
Nominal Frequency:50Hz
PQube Time

Day of Week:Friday
Time:T 21:02:31 CEST

Data from the PSL PQube® by www.PowerStandards.com